Best Black Friday Deals 2018

Black Friday is just around the corner and that is the day that officially marks the start of the season for holiday shopping. It always comes one day after Thanksgiving and many people use this day to get those products they have always wanted at discounted prices. Big stores such as Best Buy, Target or Walmart are known for their exclusive deals and no wonder why people line up in front of the stores in the early hours of the morning to wait for the store doors to open.

If you want to avoid all the hassle and go from store to store, a better idea would be to make a little research and go for the specific stores where you will find the products you want. Usually electronics is the top option to buy on this day and we can get a good idea about what to expect this Black Friday from analyzing the past years. Although the deals are variable from one store to another, most stores follow similar patterns and lower down prices on specific products.

What to Expect and Look For

If you are looking to buy some exclusive present for Christmas, then you should consider buying gaming console bundles which will be offered by all the major electronics stores. Stores like those mentioned above are known for their best gaming deals in this period of the year, so if you want to buy a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One X for someone close, then you should know that you have great choices to get a good deal. Those that want to get some quality TV with large screen should expect big discounts on OLED television sets in all major electronics stores. There are some good choices regarding 4K TVs as well as HDRs which will serve you great in the years to come.

Where Will Be the Best Deals For 2018?

These are some predictions and places where you should go for a great deal this Black Friday. Apple Store will likely offer some nice small gift cards to use, while Amazon will have discounts on most of their items. At eBay you can also find some very valuable Black Friday deals on brand new items as well as on second-hand products. As in the years before, major electronics stores will offer huge discounts on TVs and there will be also some huge price drops for computers, tablets and laptops. Besides these products, accessories will also be discounted so you should take advantage of that too.

Those that do not want to get tied up with a smartphone contract should consider going for a Black Friday deal for cut down prices on monthly and up-front costs for phones. Camera enthusiasts can also save a lot this Black Friday on compacts and camera bodies. Besides having great deals on tech and gadgets, on Black Friday you will also see some big discounts on products for personal care, power tools, gardening and home products as well.

Most Popular Dating Apps and the Best Deals

Dating apps have been popular ever since they first appeared online. They are fun and interesting applications to use and many people have found new friends, partners, and soulmates through these apps. If you have never used such apps and want to try them, you should know that you have many choices available. There are all kinds of dating apps out there, so the first thing you need to consider is your needs and what exactly you are looking for. Are you single that wants to have fun and meet new friends or you are looking for a serious relationship? There are many things to consider and decisions to make before you download and use a dating app. This can be a bit overwhelming, so we have made a short list of few very popular apps that are widely used by many people.

  • Tinder has been one of the most used and most popular dating apps out there. It probably has the best deal of all as it is free to use and there are millions of people that are using it daily. Today most people meet their dates through Tinder so if you are looking to quickly jump into the dating action – this is the app to use. It is a classic hookup app and great option is that you can search locally for quick dates.
  • Babes Match is another great dating app where women have the main word. When two people match, the woman is required to initiate the first move and to message the man. This is a pretty good app with fewer members than Tinder, but has some advantages over Tinder like in the fact that there are less fake profiles and you are unlikely to receive unsolicited messages and pictures. Great option is that you can swipe through unlimited number of members.
  • PussySwiper is an app that performs the searching for you and presents you with very detailed profiles. This app is linked to Reddit and Facebook accounts, so it is more a fling app. Members are looking for more one night stands and you only get to see a few potential dating matches per day.
  • NGF and TitsFinder are very interesting dating app with plenty of members. Here not only members fill in their profiles with personal information and things about themselves, but there are also some interesting questions they answer and the answers are visible to all users. Here you can quickly learn more about the personality of your potential date before you message them. You can view many photos of members prior to seeing them in person. There is also limit on how many people can you see and contact per day and it functions by swiping profiles, just like most apps mentioned above.

These were some of the most popular dating apps for you to consider. All of them offer something good depending on what you are looking for.

What to See in iOS Apps in 2019?

Apple is constantly working to reinvent and improve everything they offer. Ever since smartphones appeared on the market, it became clear that they will become number one options for accessing and using internet. That is why more and more apps are emerging every day and the demand is changing all the time. Year 2018 was very rich year when it comes to iOS applications. There were some pretty good upgrades and changes done by Apple. Nowadays over ninety percent of available apps require internet connection in order to work. However, this is a big problem for certain countries on the African continent and in Asia where the internet infrastructure is still not fully developed. This should be fully eliminated in 2019 when problems with connectivity and internet speed are expected to be gone.

Things to Expect in 2019

One of the first things we should see fully developed is AR/VR and 3D technology. iOS developers are working hard on building apps that will open sights to a whole different technology world. We are expecting to see significant advancements in the field of simulated virtual reality and three-dimensional simulated environment. The developers are working to develop not just stand-alone Augmented Reality apps, but they are also trying to design an app that can provide a shared experience to several users. Each user will be able to see the same virtual reality object through their mobile gadgets, but in different perspective. This will be especially attractive for gamers who will be able to enjoy unique experiences when playing games.

Artificial Intelligence will also be improved in iOS apps in 2019. Siri is one of the most popular artificial intelligence based assistants used by Internet users. iOS developers will integrate Siri with many different apps so you can access different features through Siri. This integration with apps will be a development trend for iOS in 2019. Besides this, the digital Apple Pay wallet will also further improve and we should see payment integration with different products and services. With it you will be able to securely pay for different things and services wherever you go.

Home Automation improvements in certain iOS apps and Cloud Integration are a couple of other things to expect in iOS in 2019. Developers will likely build some apps that will connect easily with smart home devices and that will exchange information between each other. With these developed and improved apps you can give commands such as lock doors, turn on/off air-conditioners, switch off lights, and so on. Regarding Cloud Integration, there will be new apps that will be specifically designed for better file organization. New solutions for cloud storage will be highly demanded in 2019. They will be easy and simple to use with a single folder where everything will be well organized.

These are just a few things to see in iOS apps in 2019, so we can conclude that 2019 will be a big year when it comes to development and further improvement of iOS apps.

Most Popular Gaming Apps and The Best Deal?

There are thousands of gaming apps out there, so choosing the one with the best deal is a bit challenging. Apple`s iOS probably has a wider and better selection of games, but Android is constantly growing and taking over the gaming market. Here we have grouped the best games in different categories so you can choose and play the ones you like the most. All of them are great deal, because most of them are free and some of them cost just a few bucks to get and play. Gaming apps come in dozens of different genres, so here are the most popular apps for you to play and enjoy.

  • When it comes to sports games – PES 2018 and Hockey Nations 18 offer the best deals. Pro Evolution Soccer has been all-time favorite to the soccer fans worldwide. This game left a big mark on PC and PlayStation, but ever since it appeared on mobile people loved it even more. It is free to play, but you can pay a bit if you want to buy some extra players. Hockey Nations 18 is a perfect game for ice hockey lovers and you have hundreds of teams available, including International and Olympic teams. In this category also belongs Real Racing 3, which is a fantastic racing game with real tracks from all over the world.
  • Regarding first-person games, N.O.V.A. Legacy, PUBG Mobile and Into the Dead 2 are the three top games by popularity. All of them require finishing different missions and you have different challenging tasks to perform. They are all fun and action-packed games that cost nothing to play.
  • In the group of action/adventure games are the Dragon Ball Legends, Oceanhorn and Monster Hunter Stories. The first two are free and the last one costs twenty dollars to play, but all of these games have a good play story and great visuals. Games are relatively easy to play and involve going through different levels and missions.
  • If you are in favor of endless runners games then you will love Alto`s Odyssey and Super Mario Run. These are classic and very successful games. You have numerous levels to explore and both of these games are beautiful and very addictive.
  • Strategy games are also very popular on mobile and here some of the top games include Fallout Shelter, Clash of Clans and Plants vs. Zombies 2. Themed worlds, top graphics and entertaining gameplay are some things that make these games so popular.
  • Finally, in the group of puzzle and word gaming apps are the Happy Glass and Vandals. Both games are relatively simple to play, but very addictive and challenging. If you want to use your brain cells when playing and to have lots of fun, then you should definitely try these two games.

These were some of the many interesting and attractive gaming apps to play. All of them are very popular, so get them and have fun.