Dating apps have been popular ever since they first appeared online. They are fun and interesting applications to use and many people have found new friends, partners, and soulmates through these apps. If you have never used such apps and want to try them, you should know that you have many choices available. There are all kinds of dating apps out there, so the first thing you need to consider is your needs and what exactly you are looking for. Are you single that wants to have fun and meet new friends or you are looking for a serious relationship? There are many things to consider and decisions to make before you download and use a dating app. This can be a bit overwhelming, so we have made a short list of few very popular apps that are widely used by many people.

  • Tinder has been one of the most used and most popular dating apps out there. It probably has the best deal of all as it is free to use and there are millions of people that are using it daily. Today most people meet their dates through Tinder so if you are looking to quickly jump into the dating action – this is the app to use. It is a classic hookup app and great option is that you can search locally for quick dates.
  • Babes Match is another great dating app where women have the main word. When two people match, the woman is required to initiate the first move and to message the man. This is a pretty good app with fewer members than Tinder, but has some advantages over Tinder like in the fact that there are less fake profiles and you are unlikely to receive unsolicited messages and pictures. Great option is that you can swipe through unlimited number of members.
  • PussySwiper is an app that performs the searching for you and presents you with very detailed profiles. This app is linked to Reddit and Facebook accounts, so it is more a fling app. Members are looking for more one night stands and you only get to see a few potential dating matches per day.
  • NGF and TitsFinder are very interesting dating app with plenty of members. Here not only members fill in their profiles with personal information and things about themselves, but there are also some interesting questions they answer and the answers are visible to all users. Here you can quickly learn more about the personality of your potential date before you message them. You can view many photos of members prior to seeing them in person. There is also limit on how many people can you see and contact per day and it functions by swiping profiles, just like most apps mentioned above.

These were some of the most popular dating apps for you to consider. All of them offer something good depending on what you are looking for.