There are thousands of gaming apps out there, so choosing the one with the best deal is a bit challenging. Apple`s iOS probably has a wider and better selection of games, but Android is constantly growing and taking over the gaming market. Here we have grouped the best games in different categories so you can choose and play the ones you like the most. All of them are great deal, because most of them are free and some of them cost just a few bucks to get and play. Gaming apps come in dozens of different genres, so here are the most popular apps for you to play and enjoy.

  • When it comes to sports games – PES 2018 and Hockey Nations 18 offer the best deals. Pro Evolution Soccer has been all-time favorite to the soccer fans worldwide. This game left a big mark on PC and PlayStation, but ever since it appeared on mobile people loved it even more. It is free to play, but you can pay a bit if you want to buy some extra players. Hockey Nations 18 is a perfect game for ice hockey lovers and you have hundreds of teams available, including International and Olympic teams. In this category also belongs Real Racing 3, which is a fantastic racing game with real tracks from all over the world.
  • Regarding first-person games, N.O.V.A. Legacy, PUBG Mobile and Into the Dead 2 are the three top games by popularity. All of them require finishing different missions and you have different challenging tasks to perform. They are all fun and action-packed games that cost nothing to play.
  • In the group of action/adventure games are the Dragon Ball Legends, Oceanhorn and Monster Hunter Stories. The first two are free and the last one costs twenty dollars to play, but all of these games have a good play story and great visuals. Games are relatively easy to play and involve going through different levels and missions.
  • If you are in favor of endless runners games then you will love Alto`s Odyssey and Super Mario Run. These are classic and very successful games. You have numerous levels to explore and both of these games are beautiful and very addictive.
  • Strategy games are also very popular on mobile and here some of the top games include Fallout Shelter, Clash of Clans and Plants vs. Zombies 2. Themed worlds, top graphics and entertaining gameplay are some things that make these games so popular.
  • Finally, in the group of puzzle and word gaming apps are the Happy Glass and Vandals. Both games are relatively simple to play, but very addictive and challenging. If you want to use your brain cells when playing and to have lots of fun, then you should definitely try these two games.

These were some of the many interesting and attractive gaming apps to play. All of them are very popular, so get them and have fun.