Apple is constantly working to reinvent and improve everything they offer. Ever since smartphones appeared on the market, it became clear that they will become number one options for accessing and using internet. That is why more and more apps are emerging every day and the demand is changing all the time. Year 2018 was very rich year when it comes to iOS applications. There were some pretty good upgrades and changes done by Apple. Nowadays over ninety percent of available apps require internet connection in order to work. However, this is a big problem for certain countries on the African continent and in Asia where the internet infrastructure is still not fully developed. This should be fully eliminated in 2019 when problems with connectivity and internet speed are expected to be gone.

Things to Expect in 2019

One of the first things we should see fully developed is AR/VR and 3D technology. iOS developers are working hard on building apps that will open sights to a whole different technology world. We are expecting to see significant advancements in the field of simulated virtual reality and three-dimensional simulated environment. The developers are working to develop not just stand-alone Augmented Reality apps, but they are also trying to design an app that can provide a shared experience to several users. Each user will be able to see the same virtual reality object through their mobile gadgets, but in different perspective. This will be especially attractive for gamers who will be able to enjoy unique experiences when playing games.

Artificial Intelligence will also be improved in iOS apps in 2019. Siri is one of the most popular artificial intelligence based assistants used by Internet users. iOS developers will integrate Siri with many different apps so you can access different features through Siri. This integration with apps will be a development trend for iOS in 2019. Besides this, the digital Apple Pay wallet will also further improve and we should see payment integration with different products and services. With it you will be able to securely pay for different things and services wherever you go.

Home Automation improvements in certain iOS apps and Cloud Integration are a couple of other things to expect in iOS in 2019. Developers will likely build some apps that will connect easily with smart home devices and that will exchange information between each other. With these developed and improved apps you can give commands such as lock doors, turn on/off air-conditioners, switch off lights, and so on. Regarding Cloud Integration, there will be new apps that will be specifically designed for better file organization. New solutions for cloud storage will be highly demanded in 2019. They will be easy and simple to use with a single folder where everything will be well organized.

These are just a few things to see in iOS apps in 2019, so we can conclude that 2019 will be a big year when it comes to development and further improvement of iOS apps.